Why 4Topps?
Team Photo

Team Benefits

  • Fills a long-neglected seating niche between a luxury suite and standard row seat, perfect for small business ticket holders
  • Creates a unique sponsorship opportunity on 4Topps table real estate
  • Simplifies the post-game cleaning process, thereby reducing labor costs; 360° swivel seats return to original position for better organization and appearance
  • Adding iPad® mount to 4Topps table opens up a world of premium offerings; fans can surf the web, order food or watch closed circuit TV from their table

Fan Photo

Fan Benefits

  • Unique 360° swivel seat provides fans total interaction with their entire group and straight-on event viewing
  • Ample spacing between swivel seats allows fans to stand, cheer, stretch out, enter and exit - all without disturbing their friends or fans in their row
  • Hooks mounted on table stems protect fans' personal belongings, such as purses, keys and cameras, while keeping them safely out of the way
Why 4Topps?

Where do 4Topps work best?

  • Undersold sections to create a new VIP seating area
  • Enhancement to existing VIP Club, providing premium spectating for high-value customers
  • Party Suites or Group Picnic areas
  • Outdoor portions of suites
  • Temporary seating for special occasions

We make it easy for you.

  • We'll visit with you and your team to discuss, analyze and measure locations for 4Topps premium seating
  • We'll draft a proposal that includes pricing options for installing 4Topps units, architectural drawings (when possible) and "before-and-after" renderings of the sections for which 4Topps is being considered
  • We'll coordinate the installation with your Operations Department to ensure everything goes smoothly