Why 4Topps?
AirFlow Mesh

AirFlow Breathable Mesh Seating Line

Design Features

  • The only breathable stadium seat on the market, no more sweating in your seat
  • Available for row seating, 360° swivel seating, caster utility seats, barstools
  • Ergonomic mesh is fully breathable and incredibly comfortable
  • Mesh insta-dry feature means no need for ushers to dry each seat after a rain storm
  • Rip Stop Mesh is tear, stain, abrasion & fire resistant
  • Ergonomic mesh conforms to each fan's unique body shape and has waterfall front for leg relief
  • Patented seat & back design made using sustainable, easy to clean materials
  • Arms and base come in standard colors or can be custom PMS painted
  • Minimal inventory - arms are interchangeable, seat pan and back are too
  • Meets or exceeds BIFMA standards

Technical Specs

  • Frame Finish: Aluminum cast arms, steel arm bar and base finish is an electro-statically applied powder coat for extended life durability.
  • Seat and Back: Seat and chair back are injection-molded structural nylon and provide an incredible strength to weight ratio that is pound-for-pound stronger than steel. The nylon frames provide the main structural support for upper sections of the chair and house the Rip Stop Mesh.
  • Seat Assembly Hardware: 304-Grade stainless steel
  • Rip Stop Mesh: Commercial-grade elastomeric mesh is made in the USA and is upholstered to nylon seat and back frames using a proprietary bonding process that is patent-pending. Rip Stop Mesh is tear, stain, fire and abrasion resistant.
  • Swivel Mechanism: All-weather, maintenance-free, encased 360-degree gas lift multi-function column with patent-pending return to center feature for constant organized appearance. No mechanical parts, bearings or required maintenance.
  • Standards: Chair passes California bulletin 133, Rip Stop Mesh passes California 117
  • Warranty: 4Topps AirFlow Mesh Stadium Seating Chairs are warrantied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, service and handling for ten (10) years from date of purchase and two (2) years from date of purchase on structural nylon seat and chair back and Rip Stop Mesh upholstery.
Team Photo

4Topps Table Unit

Team Benefits

  • Fills a long-neglected seating niche between a luxury suite and standard row seat, perfect for small business ticket holders
  • Creates a unique sponsorship opportunity on 4Topps table real estate
  • Simplifies the post-game cleaning process, thereby reducing labor costs; 360° swivel seats return to original position for better organization and appearance
  • Adding iPad® mount to 4Topps table opens up a world of premium offerings; fans can surf the web, order food or watch closed circuit TV from their table

Fan Photo

Fan Benefits

  • Unique 360° swivel seat provides fans total interaction with their entire group and straight-on event viewing
  • Ample spacing between swivel seats allows fans to stand, cheer, stretch out, enter and exit - all without disturbing their friends or fans in their row
  • Hooks mounted on table stems protect fans' personal belongings, such as purses, keys and cameras, while keeping them safely out of the way
Why 4Topps?

Where do 4Topps work best?

  • Undersold sections to create a new VIP seating area
  • Enhancement to existing VIP Club, providing premium spectating for high-value customers
  • Party Suites or Group Picnic areas
  • Outdoor portions of suites
  • Temporary seating for special occasions

We make it easy for you.

  • We'll visit with you and your team to discuss, analyze and measure locations for 4Topps premium seating
  • We'll draft a proposal that includes pricing options for installing 4Topps units, architectural drawings (when possible) and "before-and-after" renderings of the sections for which 4Topps is being considered
  • We'll coordinate the installation with your Operations Department to ensure everything goes smoothly