Product Info
Mounted Barstool
Space Requirements
  • 28" between seats, 27" off front edge of drink rail
  • Depth Required: 5' ideal, 4'6" workable
Seat Material
Color Choices
Client Access
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Mounted BarstoolPatented
Patent #8,713,856

Mounted BarstoolMounted BarstoolMounted BarstoolMounted BarstoolMounted Barstool

Mounted barstools provide the same unique comforts of the 4Topps swivel seat, but at a bar- or bistro-height. Mounted barstools work great along drink rails or around a 4Topps half-circle table.

Seat Features
  • Ergonomic mesh is fully breathable and conforms to body; insta-dry feature means no need for ushers to dry each seat after a rain storm
  • 360-degree swivel w/return-to-center function
  • Arms and base come in standard colors or can be custom PMS painted
  • Minimal inventory - arms are interchangeable, seat pan and back are too
  • Mesh back can be one- and two-color branded
  • Space on plastic seat ring for number and/or branding
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